The very first exhibition took place in sep 2017 in Christchurch New Zealand. Hooking few artworks together with around 20 talented artist was huge privilege for unexperienced and unconfident beginner. “First step” the name and the meaning with which we started. Having differences age , education, style and skills in art but we started it, the first step. And now we representing our talents to the world ( to very tiny part of it) .Thanks a lot to Eastside art gallery for the chance to be seen and to all Canterbury artists for your supporting spirit and encouragement ! 

After “first step” was over, the manager was curious if I want to participate in the exhibition next year with well know New Zealand artist Rachel Western… It was breathtaking moment, completely unbelievable thing. Of course I said yes! And this is the third exhibition in my life called “Two”. It was the best time for all ceramic works to meet art lovers and to find new home. Interesting and dynamical two weeks inspired for next few month to create and to explore the world of creativity that is basically all around us ! Thanks to Shirley and to whole team of Eastgate art gallery for warm welcoming, perfect organisation and artists support ! Cheers 😉