Anton Makarov was born in 1988 in Russia,in the city named Uralsk. In 1998 for the first time He started attending the local art school. Where eventually fall in love with the painting and discovered rich & magical world of art ! After finishing a high school in 2006 and passing through the exams required by university. He was enrolled into very popular Moscow State university for the evening courses Art and Graphic design (Where only 2 students out of 10 could get the chance to study in). At the same time He was working full-time as the Form Designer at the Toy Factory in Volgograd. Rapidly growing as the Designer working with computer programs and machineries He always could feel the need of painting and drawing. Copying masterpieces and doing the life drawings in his pad evening by evening after work, He learned in progress the styles & technics most of interesting Artist of the times. In 2012 He moved to New Zealand to join his family in Auckland . Then He started as CNC operator at the architect company in Auckland and traveling around North Island. “The inspiration is all around here ” -says Anton when He visited Wellington at the first time. Then after few years He leaves his position at the architect company to move permanently to Wellington . In 2016 He is becoming Wellington residential artist and in 2018 He opens the first Drawing school in Miramar. Where many young talents getting to know the rich and magical world of Art !